Guiding Principles
The Gasima Way

Every client has a unique financial journey. We specialize in client financial transitions and making sure that not only are you supported from beginning to end, but also experience great investment performance as a client of Gasima. Selling a home or large physical asset? Are you an entrepreneur in the midst of selling your business and need space to create your newest venture? Relocating from the Snow belt to the Sun belt? Do you have a relative or child with special needs that requires a financial strategy? Starting an investment plan for the first time? Saving for college? Many of these things can be consuming and some find them easier than others.

Our team has direct experience in ALL of the above and can offer customized solutions to ease you through any financial matter which is causing stress and importantly might cause you to make faulty investment decisions and miss out on compounding your investment returns. We specialize in easing the pain of life’s drama’s which can cause stress on your financial situation. We are not a firm that does not pick up the phone or answer your emails. You are simply not going to find an investment advisor that will go to the lengths we will to satisfy your financials needs.

We offer a complete solution that most firms cannot. Tax preparatory services, investment decision analysis, exposure to fast-growing private companies; we do it all. Gasima’s partners have decades of investment experience across all assets classes. We believe the current state of the markets are rich with opportunities and we look forward to helping you navigate the markets to the best possible outcome.

How we do it
Fundamental Practices - The 3 "P"s
Gasima Global services


Every outcome is prepared for and analyzed. We are available 24/7 for all your financial-related matters
Gasima Global services

Portfolio Construction

Investments are carefully structured to optimize risk-reward outcome and liquidity
Gasima Global services


The Team conducts rigorous research analysis to uncover great investment opportunities
  • Unique and differentiated investment process and customer service
  • Superior absolute and relative performance without the volatility
  • A dedicated team with combined 50 years of investment experience
  • Access to unique, innovative planning techniques and investment ideas