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From initiating your retirement journey to exploring our customized in-house fund strategies, we guide you through every step of your financial life.

Tony Pacione

Tony Pacione

Managing Partner

Guiding You Through Every Chapter

Financial Insights For Life's Moments

From the excitement of starting a new venture to the joy of family growth or the sophistication of managing digital wealth, our tailored advice evolves with you. Select the persona below that best describes your current journey to discover financial strategies crafted for your life's specific chapters. 

Your Journey

Life’s Special Chapters

Starting a Family

Getting Promoted

For the Entrepreneur

Exploring Crypto

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You & Your Journey

Whatever your circumstances or dreams, whether you're taking a conventional path or forging your own way, your financial journey is uniquely yours.

How We Help You:

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Growing Family

The joys and responsibilities of a growing family requires careful planning to ensure every new member's future is as bright as can be.

How We Help You:

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Guiding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

As an entrepreneur, your financial framework should be as innovative and forward-thinking as your ideas.

How We Help You:

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For Families with Unique Considerations

Financial planning with a special needs family member requires a thoughtful, dedicated approach to ensure stability and care for the long term.

How We Help You:

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For the Ambitious Climber

As you ascend the career ladder, your financial portfolio should scale with your growing success, accommodating new opportunities and increased wealth.

How We Help You:

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For Those Nearing or In Retirement

Transition into retirement with a strategy that secures your comfort and longevity, ensuring a smooth shift from earning to enjoying your income.

How We Help You:

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For the Crypto Enthusiast

Your passion for cryptocurrency requires a financial plan that understands the unique nature of digital assets and the opportunities they present.

How We Help You:

Wealth Management

Integrated planning for investment, tax, and retirement, designed to craft a resilient and prosperous financial future.

Tax Planning

Strategically minimize tax burdens while maximizing benefits with expert guidance tailored to your financial landscape.

Start Up Investing

Specialized support for start-up investments, balancing potential risks and rewards to propel innovative growth.

Alternative Assets

Explore diverse investment options with alternative assets that offer unique potential for portfolio enhancement.

Special Needs Planning

Dedicated financial strategies to ensure stability, security, and dignity for those with special needs in our lives.



Gasima is a tight-knit team of financial professionals who believe every American deserves customized financial advice using advanced technologies and innovative strategies.

Whether you’re navigating a life transition or striving for your next milestone, discover how the Gasima Way provides clarity, confidence, and customized strategies tailored to your every financial chapter.

We pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to ease any financial matter causing stress, concern, or uncertainty.

We’re not a faceless financial firm, and you’re not just a number. We’re always a phone call or email away, whenever you need us.

We have decades of investment experience and strive to deliver excellent performance for the best possible outcomes.


Fundamental Practices - The 3 "P"s

With 50 years of expertise and innovative planning techniques, Gasima provides superior performance, tailored insights, and unparalleled customer service for every chapter of your financial journey.


Every outcome is prepared for and analyzed. We are available 24/7 for all your financial-related matters

Portfolio Construction

Investments are carefully structured to optimize risk-reward outcome and liquidity


The Team conducts rigorous research analysis seeks to uncover great investment opportunities


Our Team of Financial Experts

With over 50 years of combined experience in wealth management and risk analysis, we can guide you through every financial phase.


What Our Clients are
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Eric Blanc
Eric Blanc
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I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found Josh Pisa and his exceptional team at Basetax in Sarasota, Florida. As a day trader, navigating the complexities of tax obligations can be daunting, but Josh’s profound understanding of the intricacies of the tax code and his tailored approach to each client’s needs made the process seamless and stress-free.
John Doe
John DoeCompany
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Let's talk about beginning your financial success story!


Essential Insights
For Informed Decisions

Understanding Tax Compliance

Discover how compliance minimizes risk and enhances efficiency.

Benefits of Strategic Tax Planning

Learn how tax planning reduces liability and gives a stronger overall financial strategy.

The Role of Outsourced Accounting

See how outsourced accounting streamlines operations and fosters business growth.

Wealth Management Essentials

Discover wealth management that secures your future with customized investment strategies.

Our tax strategies are designed to identify all applicable deductions and credits to minimize your tax liability and maximize potential savings.

Base Tax stands out with our integrated approach, combining in-depth tax expertise with personalized financial advice, ensuring that every financial decision supports your overall tax and wealth management goals.

Absolutely. Our team is well-versed in managing complex financial scenarios, from intricate business structures to diverse investment portfolios, ensuring comprehensive management and strategic planning.

Personalized tax services ensure that every aspect of your financial situation is considered, leading to better-informed decisions, more effective tax savings, and strategies that reflect your specific goals.

Wealth Management Form
Wealth Management Form