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Investment Advisor

Gasima Global Asset Management

Gasima Global is a registered investment adviser based in Venice, Florida. Our mission is to serve clients large and small by providing customized financial solutions. We focus on service and performance and offer a diversity of products and advice on complex financial matters. We cater to every client financial need, from tax prep and estate planning to start-up investing and provide solutions the do-it-yourself firms can’t and the big firms only provide to a select few. We are a unique advisor that focus on clients with life goals and transitions that require high touch service, expertise and investment excellence.

Investment Strategies
Individual Separate Accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, start-up investing strategies and Gasima Global funds
Products & Services
Investments, Taxes, Estate Planning, Trusts, Financial Transitions Consulting; complete end-to-end financial solutions
Customer Dedication
A passion for fulfilling every customer’s financial requirement, we simply never stop working until our clients’ goals are met
Advanced Technology
Our technology-first platform seamlessly shows where you stand financially and analyzes financials needs in real-time
Capital Preservation
Manage change and planning completely and effectively, investing strategically for any future need or goal
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