Wealth Management Venice


Our wealth management firm was established with the premise that every client need is unique and that we as investment advisors are here not only here to serve as the turnkey advisor for all your financial needs but to be great investors who offer diversification, reduction in overall market correlation and superior risk-adjusted returns through our proprietary alternative investment approach.

Investment Focus

We believe that once a family has set up the right plan that the focus should be on working with their advisor to find great investment opportunities. Gasima does not push investment products or collect commissions, we succeed when are clients do. We offer multiple investment vehicles through which clients can easily allocate capital to express their views and participate in the rigorous investment process that Gasima employs for all its clients. We are growth-oriented investors that tend to focus on long term investments that can perform well regardless of the economic climate and can re-rate to provide outsized returns. We put our money where our mouth is with the predominance of firm and partner capital invested in our proprietary fund products, the Gasima Global Strategic Opportunities Fund and the Gasima Growth Fund.