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Aligning Your Career Path With Your Finances

Advance your career with confidence, knowing your finances are working just as hard as you do.

As you climb the career ladder, your compensation package will grow commensurately. Raises, equity, employee stock options, and improved benefits can quickly complicate your overall financial situation.

A financial advisor can adjust your financial plan as necessary so you can reap the immediate rewards of your enhanced compensation package while maintaining broader alignment with your tax and financial goals, or crafting new ones that reflect your new financial reality. 

Growing Your Workplace Savings

Oftentimes, raises don’t even outpace inflation, making it crucial to optimize your benefits package in other ways. While we can’t negotiate your salary for you, we can help you make the most of your current income by reducing your expenses and funneling a portion of your salary into your 401(k) for strategic tax deductions that will help offset the corroding effects of inflation.

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Optimizing Your 401(K)

The 401(K) is by now the backbone of the American retirement system. How does yours hold up? Is it laden with high-fee mutual funds that drag down its performance? Do you have proper asset location for tax-efficient withdrawals in retirement? Are you taking advantage of your company match? We can help you convert your sluggish 401(K) into a lean investment machine. 

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Pairing Up for Prosperity

Compensation packages can quickly become confusing with potentially heavy tax consequences and risks that don’t match your risk profile. Combining your compensation package with that of your spouse and integrating them within your broader financial life can seem nearly impossible – on your own, at least. A financial advisor can do the heavy lifting for you with customized advice to make sure you make the most of your career you work so hard to advance.
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