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Retirement is When It All Comes Together

You're embarking down an exciting new path; let's make sure you're ready for it!

Retirement marks the end result of countless years of dedication, consistent saving, and meticulous planning. Yet, transitioning from a career and savings-oriented lifestyle to one focused on leisure and personal satisfaction, with a spending mindset, can be unexpectedly difficult. This shift demands effective risk management strategies and the pursuit of new sources of purpose and meaning.

To help ensure a long, successful retirement, we have to account for the major risks to your retirement. 

The Major Retirement Risks

People are living longer and longer – which is great, of course! But a longer retirement equates to every major retirement risk getting amplified, all leading to an increased chance of running out of money. 

Life Expectancy Line Chart

Source: U.S. Life Expectancy 1950-2024. Retrieved 2024-04-29.

The Five Risks to Your Retirement Portfolio:

The State of Retirement In America

The numbers reveal a stark reality: retirement, a phase meant for relaxation and fulfillment, is becoming a source of stress for many. With rising healthcare costs and living expenses, a strategic approach to retirement savings and income is more important than ever to secure the comfort and stability that every retiree deserves.

Retirees expecting to rejoin the workforce 12% WTOP News
Single adults 75+ affording housing & care <15% NLIHC
Retirees struggling with living expenses 44% Clever
Retirees carrying debt 71% Yahoo
Baby Boomers reliant on social security 41% The Motley Fool
Retirees who believe savings will be outlived 48% Clever
Retirees with no savings 37% Clever

Is Your Retirement Plan On Track? Let's Make Sure Together.

Whether you want to review an existing retirement plan or start from scratch, we can help. If you’re at square one, we’ll build a comprehensive plan tailored to bring your retirement dreams to fruition, all while navigating the risks that could stand in your way. If you already have a plan, we’ll make recommendations to ensure you’re on the path to a stress-free retirement. 

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