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Embracing Your Unique Financial Journey

We are dedicated to crafting financial plans that honor your family’s specific circumstances and goals.

Welcoming and caring for a special needs child is one of the most rewarding journeys in life – but also one of the most financially challenging. Navigating these challenges requires specialized knowledge and expertise combined with a strong feeling of compassion. At Gasima, we’re highly attuned to the uniqueness of your situation, and can help craft a financial plan that reflects it. 

A Plan for Every Stage

Early Childhood

School Years

High School


Financial Needs Benefits Types of Trusts Annual Financial Planning Insurance Needs
Early intervention programs Medicaid Third-Party Special Needs Trust Review government benefits eligibility Health insurance coverage
Educational tools Supplemental Security Income (SSI) First-Party Special Needs Trust Update wills and trusts Life insurance policy
Transition programs State-specific programs Pooled Trusts Financial strategy review Long-term care insurance
Long-term care planning SSDI Legal documentation update Disability insurance

Your Unique Family, Your Unique Needs

Every aspect of your financial life becomes more intricate, delicate, and in need of careful examination and optimization according to the rules and laws of your state and the federal government. 

Here's How We Help

The Value of a Personal Advisor

Understanding your unique financial needs can seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to figure it out alone. Scheduling a personal consultation allows us to connect directly with you, ensuring that we fully grasp the unique challenges and opportunities you face. This meeting is a critical step toward developing a tailored strategy that aligns with your family’s goals and values.
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