The Threat of AI to Enterprise Software

Private Micro-SAAS Providers

Enterprise software, the backbone of modern business operations, faces unprecedented challenges from the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Companies like Salesforce, long dominant in their markets, grapple with AI’s dual-edged potential: transformative power and significant risk to core business models. This scenario parallels Google’s struggle with generative AI, highlighting the difficulties legacy companies face […]

Private SaaS Mirroring Public SaaS

worker using ai

Investors should be aware that in the recent boom in technology stocks driven by interest in artificial intelligence (AI), not all tech stocks are created equal. Recent struggles of some well-known software companies in public markets, such as Salesforce, Inc (Ticker: CRM), contrast sharply with the strong performance of AI-focused companies like NVIDIA (Ticker: NVDA). […]

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