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Matt Yu

Prior to joining Gasima Global, Matt spent over 5 years as a Global Equity Portfolio Manager at Rock Springs Investments (Family Office), where he analyzed and invested in private (seed to late stage) and public deals across the energy, technology, cannabis, and healthcare sectors. Before his tenure at Rock Springs, Matt managed his own real estate private equity firm in a joint venture with HIG Capital. He also advised Web 1.0 e-commerce and emerging telecom companies on their capital raising and restructuring efforts.

In addition to his extensive experience in both private and public equity markets, Matt has worked in private and public debt research and restructuring advisory at Corsair Partners, Chanin Capital Partners, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette/Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan Chase.

About the Gasima Growth Fund I

Are your investments working as hard as you are? Matt Yu, with his decades of experience alongside his extensive network of proprietary deal flow, can help you gain access to opportunities locked away from the general public. 

Interested in Learning More?

Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to showcase our own funds as well as explore other investment opportunities that fit your goals and needs, regardless of your net worth or investing experience. There is a solution out there – we just need to find it.    

Tony Pacione

Prior to launching Gasima Global, Managing Partner Anthony (Tony) Pacione built a diverse and accomplished career. He began as an investment analyst at AIG before moving to Bank of America, where he worked in emerging market credit.

Tony’s entrepreneurial journey took off as one of the leaders of the sales force at Pinnacor, leading to its successful sale to CBS Marketwatch. Following this, he played a pivotal role at FBR Capital Markets and JMP Securities, helping place several billion dollars in pre-IPO capital.

He further honed his expertise as the Head of Long/Short Equity for Forum Asset Management. Today, Tony serves as the Head Portfolio Manager for Gasima Global’s Hedge Fund, guiding the firm’s investment strategies with his extensive experience.

The Gasima Global Strategic Opportunities Fund

Do you want a way to diversify your portfolio even further, enhancing its overall robustness and ability to capture profits that would otherwise be unreachable? Tony has successfully navigated even the most volatile and challenging markets with innovative, non-traditional strategies that enable your portfolio to achieve returns independent of market trends.

How Can a Gasima Fund Accelerate Your Portfolio Growth?

Most investment strategies depend on vertical growth to achieve returns. With a Gasima fund, you can rest assured we hold back no punches in obtaining superior alpha with investment strategies that generate gains regardless of market direction via shorting, options, and hedging strategies. At the same time, you can gain access to carefully vetted private investment deals that can potentially bring enormous growth to your net worth. 

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